Put life into your creations and projects.

Make them travel.

Translation provides what really matters: understanding and being understood, and preferably in many languages because knowledge and ideas thrive best when they move. Translation always leads to development and innovation. Put life into your creations and projects. Make them travel.

What’s in it for you?

  • You will discover how people from a different language culture look at your work and what new possibilities this leads to.
  • You will receive a correct English/French/Spanish>Dutch translation that is tailored to your audience and takes into account the purpose and culture of your field.
  • I coordinate the translation of your text(s) into one or more languages in the format and on the platform you suggest.

Through my professional experience in a Flemish Architecture Faculty, I got to know the expertise and the visual language of the artist.

Examples of clients: museums, cultural centres, artists, publishers, galleries, designers.


I grew up in a homely environment that was much like a sewing studio. My mother taught me the names of every fabric, pattern, stitch and model. I know the precision, the patience, and most of all, the joy of making.

Examples of clients: fashion designers, retail, marketing services, store brands.


I experienced first hand the rapid developments in higher education: policies, educational professionalization and quality control requirements, academic research and necessary adjustments in student care.

Examples of clients: universities and schools, students, researchers.

Content types

  • Policies and administration, regulations, guidelines, information, yearly reports.
  • Magazines, interviews, reviews, articles, newsletters, catalogs.
  • Corporate communication, websites and blogs, flyers, leaflets, marketing campaigns, company profiling, press kits.
  • Educational programs, abstracts, papers, research reports.
  • Questionnaires, surveys.

Discover how people from a different language culture view your work. Trust your message to an engaged translator.
Glad you are here!

I am Hilde Berckmoes and I love to fathom nuances of language and to capture the timbre of a text until it rings true.

  • Certified business translator.
  • Commuter between Granada (ES) and Ghent (BE).
  • 8 years of experience as a translator in an international company.
  • 20 years of expertise in communication and quality assurance KU Leuven (faculty of Architecture).
  • Language training Picasso Institute Malaga, UCT Ghent, ITS Salamanca, Cervantes Institute, Traduversia.
  • Senior language coach Dutch and educational content developer for a.o. https://www.onlinelanguagecoach.be/site/.


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